• Single rice mill

    Mainly used for rice milling, easy to operate

  • Combined rice mil

    Multi-functional, mainly used for rice milling and grain grinding; Separation Sieve for paddy rice and white rice

  • Thresher

    Simple operation, faster discharge, more labour saving.

  • chaff cutter

    Mainly used for crop straw cutting; Multiple Hoppers,Inclined hopper, square hopper, conveyor belt hopper, are suitable for different materials

  • Flour mill

    Mainly used for grain grinding; different Blade-type:T-screw and blade, ZigZag Blade, hammer blade; different size of powder sieve

  • Banana Tree Cutter

    Mainly used for cutting banana tree into bits.

  • Feed Pellet Machine

    Mainly used for making animals feed.

  • Small Commercial Rice...

    Mainly used for rice milling,high productivity.

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